Prague Robotic Day

It was a good experience that being in Prague for Robotic Day. Prag is a very old and impressive city that placed in the Czech Republic. The contest day was very beautiful. I had the opportunity to meet new people. Especially people’s attitude towards the project was very good. I saw the new projects about robotics. Everywhere has completely filled with robots. It was a completely impressive atmosphere.

First day we flew from Istanbul Ataturk Airport at 12.00 o’clock. About two hours later we were in Prague. Public transportation within the city was easy to reach anywhere but it was bit expensive. After we came to our hotel, we rest for a while. After we went to the city centre with public trans. again. The city was so beautiful and stunning. We walked over the bridge and took a lot of pictures.

We went to eat dinner late. We finally returned to the hotel and it passed this way.

The second day passed with trip. First, we visited the congress center for the event will be placed. Everyone was working here except for the free-style category. After sometime, we went out and continued our trip. First we went to the famous Prague Castle. It was a truly magnificent and grand place. We also had the opportunity to examine many sculptures on the famous bridge. When we were on the bridge, a very heavy rain began. We had to go back to our hotel immediately. The second day passed like that.

Our third day is came also the competition day! We went to the congress center by preparing our robots for the competition. After we set up our stands, people started to come. We have had the opportunity to meet people from many different companies. People liked our projects very much. Especially for children, our robotic hand project was indispensable. Every incoming people stayed at our stand for at least 1-2 minutes. After the presentation of the jury we were expecting the awards in an exciting way. We have achieved great success by taking two of the three prizes in the fields of creativity, innovation and usability. As a result of the competition we collected our boxes and returned to our hotel. Thanks for organization team for such a good event