This notes will be about the academic sight of the trip. I had been here for Erasmus Plus about robotics. Now I will write about my opinions about schools which participated in this event.

  • Finland: (Lego Sets, Arduino) They were working with these sets. Also, school have a VEX Robotic team. They had participated different competitions.
  • Poland: (Lego Sets, Arduino, Scratch, S4A) Robotics have just started in school in Poland. In the meantime, they continued to work under the guidance of a professor. In these studies, firstly they worked on basic robotics programs with Lego Sets. They were going to start their Arduino classes.
  • Spain: (Arduino, Scratch, S4A) Spain was very willing and enthusiastic in general. They use S4A (Scratch based Arduino programming is provided) for Arduino programming. In general, they have been working on bringing up the Maker cult and this is awesome.
  • Portugal: (Arduino, Scratch, S4A) Portugal in general had similar characteristics to Spain.
  • Italy: (Arduino, 3D printer, Lego) Also, Italy is very good with Maker cult. They were dealing with the Legos in the same way. But they actively work with Arduino. They have good experience with 3D printers. On the second day of training, they made beautiful projects with Arduino. Also, they have a good information about programming.

All in all, it was a nice experience to meet many new people.

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