How to create chroot debootstrap

2021-08-03 | Tags: #linux

It's important to have seperated environment when develop applications for different architectures. For example, now I'm trying to build and test Xtratum which is a hypervisor for real time systems. Altough,this hypervisor use mostly old chains like gcc 4.8 . I said xtratum is an hypervisor so when I want to build in virtual machine the nested virtualization problems would happen. To prevent that and seperate my files it would be nice to have chroot debootstrap.

sudo apt install debootstrap schroot

Create chroot directory

sudo mkdir /srv/chroot/xtratum

After installation let's configure schroot

sudo xed /etc/schroot/chroot.d/xtratum.conf
description=Xtratum Jail

And install with debootstrap

sudo debootstrap --variant=buildd --arch=amd64 focal /srv/chroot/xtratum

Jump to chroot

chroot /srv/chroot/xtratum

See sessions

sudo schroot --list --all-sessions

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