Resolution of Hardware Performance Counters

2022-03-24 | Tags: #research #perf #perf-counters #linux

in this post i will try to estimate resolution and correctness of performance counters in intel processors. i should remark that these test are conducted in a single threaded application. we shouldn't forget multi-threaded programs can led very different results.

perf event open

perf is a powerful tool to measure hardware performance counters in linux. perf also provides a syscall interface to interact with various counters like llc miss.

syscall(__NR_perf_event_open, ....)

creating llc miss

creating a last level cache miss is simple. first we should create a variable, after we should flush (with using clflush instruction) from cache and access it again. trying to access this variable causes a cache miss, and cpu needs to fetch from main-memory. we can simplify this process as follow:


to measure correctness of performance counters we will create n number of cache misses and compare with the expected results. results are shown like that :

sample count expected observed (mean) standart deviation correctness (%)
3000 1 1.0026 0.051579 99,9331551
3000 3 3.0001 0.143783 98,1333333
3000 10 10.0023 0.14945 98,1666667
3000 20 20.013 0.231334 96,4666667

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